Misappropriation Of Funds : Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics has suspended its executive director Deshi Gill


Deshi Gill, the executive director of the Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (Home), has been suspended.

In a statement posted on its Facebook post on Tuesday, Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME) said that “The suspension was put in place for HOME to conduct its internal inquiry. After preliminary investigations, we believe there is a basis for suspected misconduct”.

Ms Deshi has been working with Home since 2017 and was appointed as its executive director in 2021.

Ms Deshi Gill was suspended following allegations that she misappropriated funds from the migrant worker advocacy group, according to HOME.

The migrants rights group HOME said that it has notified the relevant authorities.

“HOME’s Board and staff will provide all necessary information as part of any investigations that will be carried out. As the matter is now with the authorities, we are unable to comment further”, HOME added in its post.

HOME said that it is currently reviewing its governance controls to ensure similar lapses do not occur again.

“We would like to sincerely thank all members of the public and donors who have supported us over the years,” the group added.

The suspension was announced after after allegations came out online accusing Ms Gill of making “thousands of dollars of claims” from Home without documentary proof of the expenses.

The allegations were not substantiated.

The HOME group said on its website that it provides immediate crisis intervention as well as long-term support such as education and training programmes to help improve migrant workers’ well-being and employment prospects.

In its 2021 annual report, the latest report available on its website, Home said that it had received S$1.87 million that financial year through funds raised, as well as income it received from grants and programmes. 

Its operating expenses for the 2021 financial year were about S$1.86 million.

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