Mongolian Woman Who Kicked Police Officer In Groin During Arrest Sentenced To 12 Weeks Jail


A35-year-old Mongolian named Boldbaatar Odonchimeg, was sentenced to 12 weeks’ jail and fined $3,000 on Monday (Aug 8) after pleading guilty to voluntarily causing hurt to a public servant and another charge under the Protection from Harassment Act, according to The Starits Times.


A worker at a Sembawang Road coffee shop told the police at about 8.45pm on Dec 6 last year that a woman was harassing its customers, Deputy Public Prosecutor Andrew Chia said in court documents.

Boldbaatar was intoxicated and acting erratically when police officers arrived.

The police were able to get her to leave the coffee shop, but when she acted violently toward bystanders after leaving, they had to handcuff her.

Senior Staff Sergeant Dhanaletchmi Kuppusamy and her colleague, Corporal Muhammad Islam Angullia Yussoff, later arrived to take Boldbaatar to the regional lock-up at Woodlands Division Police Headquarters.

Throughout the journey, Boldbaatar fought and acted violently toward the two cops. She first resisted getting out of the car when they arrived at the police building. Boldbaatar began sobbing uncontrollably and refused to sign a consent form when she was eventually brought to the Covid-19 testing area.

No test was conducted on her. Boldbaatar cursed at Senior Staff Sgt. Dhana and another officer when they attempted to make her sit down because she continued to shout and struggle.

After Boldbaatar was taken to the lock-up premises, Senior Staff Sgt Dhana released one of her hands so it could be handcuffed to a metal bar attached to a wall.


According to Straits Times, when Boldbaatar kept resisting, Cpl Islam and other officers went to restrain her, but she kicked Cpl Islam in the groin. Despite the pain, he continued to help restrain Boldbaatar, who was eventually placed in a wheelchair.

Cpl Islam sought medical treatment at a hospital and was given two days of medical leave.

On Monday, Boldbaatar revealed she had developed depression as a result of being apart from her family since the onset of the pandemic while speaking via a translator. She admitted that she had made a mistake and that she had sought counselling.

She also indicated her intention to appeal against the sentence. Court papers did not indicate her occupation or say why she was in Singapore.

For voluntarily causing hurt to a public servant, she could have been jailed for up to seven years, fined or both.

For harassment, she could have been fined up to $5,000, jailed for up to 12 months or both.

Images : ST, Stock Image.

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