New Zealand Police Assures Young Female Student Hijabs Are No Barrier To Join Police Force, Draws Praises From Worldwide Netizens

International : Constable Zeena Ali is now the first New Zealand policewoman to wear a specially designed hijab as a part of Police force’s uniform to encourage more muslim women to join New Zealand police force.

Recently, New Zealand Police shared this story on their Facebook wall, they wrote “A young student who thought she couldn’t become a police officer because she wears a hijab has been sent reassuring message from New Zealand policewoman to wear bespoke uniform, constable Zeena Ali”. The girl’s teacher approached New Zealand police last month to ask if they had any Muslim policewomen after hearing kid’s concern during her careers class.

When Zeena heard about this she recorded a personalized video message for her to reassure her that hijab is not a barrier to any Muslim woman willing to join NZP.

According to the post Zeena was not only the first Muslim policewoman to trail and wear the uniform hijab, she has also helped in designing the the hijab uniform.

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