NUS Student Asks To Restrict Non-English Speaking Staff From Working In Canteen


A student from National University Singapore (NUS) thinks it is unfair to allow canteen staff who don’t know how to speak English at all at work.

The NUS student thinks the canteen staff should know a little English to manage the orders & take bills at least, he said “I am not asking them to be fluent, but the very least be able to take simple orders and tell me the price in English”.

The reddit user @shrek1209 said he was ignore for speaking in English at NUS canteen, he wrote on that he was “outright ignored’ in the canteen for speaking in English cause canteen aunty did not understand what he was saying. When asked how much the food was, she replied in Chinese.

Extra Chili : The user further added “When I asked for extra chili canteen staff just waved her hand indicating she doesn’t know what I’m talking about. I kept my sentences short and I don’t have any heavy accents”. The Redditor thinks “As a university with many international students, NUS should impose a standard of being able to service the university population”.

Read how netizens responded :

Everyone shared their view on NUS student’s post, some of them supported the student’s view while some users called “entitled Karen”, “Siasuey” for raising up this issue. A user said “Go to google translate chili into Chinese show it to auntie, it will be fast, easy, painless, and you will actually get the chili you so crave for”.

Easy to say, hard to implement :

Many of the elderly never had a chance go to school and even learn English.

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