One Teen Instructs Other Teen On How To Carry Out Theft At Jewellery Shop along Park Road, Both Arrested


Two teenagers, aged 14 and 17, have been arrested by the police for their alleged involvement in a case of theft in a jewellery shop along Park Road.

The incident occurred on April 23, 2023, at around 5:33 pm when the 14-year-old teenager posed as a customer and asked to see two gold chains. He allegedly ran out of the shop with the chains, but the staff managed to stop him and recover the stolen items.

Further investigations revealed that the 17-year-old teenager had allegedly provided instructions to the 14-year-old on how to carry out the theft, the police said in a press release.

Through follow-up investigations, the police established the identity of the 17-year-old and subsequently arrested him in Sengkang, along Fernvale Road, on April 24.

CCTV footage posted by the shop on Facebook captured the incident, showing the 14-year-old boy holding two chains in his hands while wearing a mask. When the man behind the counter turned his back, the boy dashed out of the store with the jewellery. The shop staff chased after him, and with the help of another man, they managed to subdue him after he ran approximately 100m. The police were alerted, and the stolen items were recovered.

Source : Chung Hwa Jade & Jewellery

According to the owner of the family-owned jewellery shop, surnamed Teng, he and his brother were both present when the incident occurred.

They told Shin Min that Initially, they did not suspect anything amiss when the masked boy, who was tall and not wearing a school uniform, entered the shop and requested to see two gold chains. Teng brought out the requested chains, but the boy then asked to see two heavier ones instead. Teng then showed him two chains weighing 100g and 131g, which had a combined worth of approximately S$23,000.

Source : : Chung Hwa Jade & Jewellery

While Teng was returning the two lighter chains to their case, the boy unexpectedly bolted away, clutching the two heavier chains. Teng and his brother promptly pursued the boy and eventually apprehended him when he paused at an intersection near People’s Park Complex.

After the Teng brothers caught the boy, he continued to insist that he had been compelled to steal the chains. He further disclosed to Teng that he had incurred debts that he needed to repay, which had driven him to resort to theft.

According to the boy, another individual had instructed him to steal the chains. Despite his claims, the Teng brothers remained skeptical and took the necessary measures to address the situation appropriately.

Source : Singapore Police Force

The offence of theft in dwelling with common intention carries a maximum imprisonment term of seven years and a fine.

The police have stated that they will spare no effort in apprehending such offenders and dealing with them in accordance with the law.

The Teng brothers have forgiven the boy, as they have retrieved the stolen items.

“He is still young, and he made a mistake,” they said according to ST.

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Image s: Chung Hwa Jade & Jewellery & SPF

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