Police Officer Allegedly Leaves Heartbreaking Voice Message Before Death


The passing of Police Officer Uvaraja S/O Gopal has left the law enforcement community and his loved ones in deep sorrow. The 35-year-old officer was found unconscious at the foot of Block 393 Yishun Avenue 6 on 21st July 2023, and despite immediate medical attention, he tragically succumbed to his injuries.

The Police have stated that they do not suspect foul play in Uvaraja’s death; however, they are conducting ongoing investigations to understand the circumstances surrounding the tragic incident. Uvaraja’s dedication to his role as a police officer was commendable, and his sudden departure has left a void in the hearts of those who knew him.

A close friend and former colleague of Uvaraja came forward with a heartfelt Facebook post, providing insights into the officer’s inner struggles and the challenges he faced at work.

According to the post, Uvaraja had sent his friend a 4-minute long voice message on the fateful afternoon. Regrettably, the friend was unable to respond immediately, and by the time he could reach out, it was too late. The friend recounted listening to the message later that night, expressing how he could sense the despair and anguish in Uvaraja’s voice as he shared his experiences.

The Facebook post shed light on alleged incidents of racial discrimination within the Singapore Police Force (SPF) that Uvaraja had encountered during his career. The friend, who served as a Senior Paracounsellor at Ang Mo Kio Police Division, detailed the challenges Uvaraja faced at work, leading to anxiety attacks and trouble sleeping.

Additionally, Uvaraja had been caring for his mother, who was recovering from a brain injury, while dealing with personal struggles stemming from a difficult upbringing with an alcoholic father.

The friend’s tribute highlighted Uvaraja’s unwavering dedication to policing and fighting crime. Described as a highly disciplined and principled officer, Uvaraja held himself to the highest standards of behavior and appearance, even when off duty. He was known for his passion for community safety and regularly sharing videos of policing incidents from around the world for insightful discussions.

The post further revealed that Uvaraja had confronted issues with his superiors, leading to emotional and professional strain. The friend expressed his sorrow, acknowledging that Uvaraja may have made mistakes, but also stressed that everything he did as a Police Officer was in pursuit of ideals he held dear.

In response to the serious allegations raised in the Facebook post, the authorities have pledged to undertake a thorough investigation into Uvaraja’s concerns. The Singapore Police Force (SPF) has reiterated its commitment to principles of fairness, non-discrimination, and support for all officers.

As the law enforcement community grieves the loss of a dedicated officer, they extend their deepest condolences to Uvaraja’s family, friends, and loved ones. The memory of his exemplary service and the impact he made on those around him will remain cherished in their hearts.

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