Police Report Filed By Sylvia Chan Over Leaked Sex Video, Death Threats : Says Some Evidences “Skillfully” Edited


The Co-Founder of the Night Owls cinematics (NOC) YouTube channel & the majority shareholder of NOC Sylvia Chan has recently filed a Complaint at Magistrate’s and several police reports. In response to the death threats she received & the 24 second sex video that was circulated on various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.

A fresh statement was released on behalf of Sylvia Chan on Instagram Account wakeupsingapore :

The statement was received from Sylvia as per the Instagram account which states the claims made against her are part of a “concerted and coordinated effort to discredit and disparage sylvia”. You can read the full statement in the above screenshot.

Police Report Made :

The authorities have confirmed that a police report was made and they are investigating the case. Ministry of Manpower (MOM) also said the TAFEP is in contact with the media company NOC and they are looking into the matter. TAFEP (Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices) is set up to promote the adoption of fair, responsible and progressive employment practices.

Content Removed :

Since the allegations have surfaced against NOC co-founder Sylvia, content from her Youtube channel, TikTok, Instagram have been removed.

Back Story : Sylvia Chan was accused of verbally abusing employees in a leaked audio clip, chats & other allegations like toxic workplace culture at NOC. All the accusations made by an Instagram account @sgcickenrice, where the audio clip was originally posted. Sylvia reportedly called one of their talent named ‘samantha’ “Fu*king Dumb” and prepared a exit strategy for her.

Soon after the audio clip and chat screenshots of Sylvia allegedly using slurs on her employer went viral, Colgate & Milo confirmed that they have terminated all the collabs with her.

On Oct 11, NOC’s lawyer sends letter to Instagram account @sgcickenrice, demands to stop publishing further allegations again NOC. NOC uploads 4 page statement on their instagram and explains that the accusations were made to damage the company’s reputation. Following day, Sylvia posts apology on her personal Instagram account.

Video Leaked :

A video was leaked online of NOC co-founder Ryan Tan addressing Sylvia chan’s management style during NOC’s online meeting, where Ryan was talking about issues such as long working hours, talents not receiving their pay in time. During the meeting Sylvia can be seen smirking, using phone. In some parts of the video it was alleged that Sylvia used company resources for personal purpose.

Watch Video :


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