Public Feedback Leads to Cancellation of Science Centre Singapore Event

Science Centre Singapore has decided to cancel an event scheduled for Jun 14 focused on sex and gender following public feedback expressing worries about the topic and the speakers involved.

“The Science Centre team would like to take the opportunity to review our approach to this session”, wrote Science Centre in a Facebook post.


The event, scheduled to take place at Cineleisure and restricted to individuals aged 18 and above, was titled “What’s the difference between sex and gender?”.

Three featured speakers were slated to present at the event: Drag queen Becca D’Bus, Oogachaga youth counselor Alexander Teh, and Associate Professor Mie Hiramoto from NUS’s Department of English, Linguistics, and Theatre Studies.

On its event page and in a Facebook post, the Science Centre said those who have bought tickets for the Jun 14 session will receive a full refund.

“Our Science Cafe session in June was intended to discuss the sociocultural factors that shape society’s understanding of sex and gender,” the spokesperson said in response to media queries.

“Following online publicity of the session, we had received public feedback expressing concern about the content to be discussed in the session, as well as the composition of the speakers.”

PinkDot SG, a prominent advocacy group for the LGBTQ+ community expressed disappointment over the cancellation of the even, stating that such discussions should be held openly to promote a more informed and inclusive society.

According to TODAY, a spokesperson for LGBT rights group Pink Dot SG said that topics of sex and gender “can and should be discussed openly, grounded in facts, data and the latest research”.

He pointed out that events like this are legally organised, ticketed affairs held in private venues and typically intended for adult audiences only.

“No one is being forced to attend such events, but denying others the opportunity contradicts Singapore’s ‘live and let live’ approach and, more concerningly, stifles necessary and open discussions vital for a more inclusive society,” he added.





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