[Breaking] : Raeesah Khan Announced Her Resignation From Workers Party


Sengkang GRC MP Raeesah Khan has announced her resignation from Worker’s Party on 30 Nov, after she was caught lying in parliament about a sexual assault case.

Last month, Ms Raeesah Khan had admitted to lying in parliament about the details of sexual assault case that she was allegedly mishandled by Singapore police, she apologised to the police and the survivor for sharing her anecdote without her content.

The workers’ party issued a official statement on Ms Raeesah Khan’s resignation on their Facebook Page, WP said “Ms Raeesah Khan has resigned from the Party, which entails the resignation of her position as an MP”.

The Workers’ Party Central Executive Committee (CEC) met at 8pm on 30 November to deliberate and decide on the recommendation of the Disciplinary Committee which had been formed on 2 November to investigate Ms Khan’s admissions in Parliament, WP added.

At 4.30pm today, 30 November, Ms Khan indicated to Mr Singh her intention to resign from the Party. She then attended the CEC meeting at 8pm and conveyed in person her intention to resign. The Party will hold a press conference on Thursday 2 December to provide more information on this matter and to share its plans to ensure that Sengkang residents, particularly in the Compassvale ward, continue to be cared for and represented.


Soon after WP released the statement Ms Raeesah Khan also posted a letter of resignation on her official Facebook account, she wrote With a heavy heart, I write to resign as a Member of Parliament for Sengkang GRC. Following my statement in parliament on 1st Nov, I wish to reiterate my apology to the House.

Read her full statement here :


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