“Ryan & I Are Just Friends” : Influencer Isabelle Responds To Accusations Made By Sylvia In Her Latest Interview With Xiaxue

Following the release of Night Owl Cinematics Co-founder Sylvia Chan’s interview with local influencer Xiaxue, Isabelle has responded with a statement on her personal Instagram profile. Isabelle is a one of the talent’s from NOC, there were allegations from Sylvia that Ryan was very close with the girl’s at NOC Maybe that was one of the reason for their unhappy marriage life that lead to divorce between both.

Isabelle responded to the accusations on her Instagram Story even before she watched the full interview between Sylvia & Xiaxue about the ongoing controversy.

Here’s a screenshot from Isabelle’s instagram :

Clarification for the accusations made :

Responding to the allegations Isabelle clarified that she & ryan are really “just good friends”, “nothing romantic has ever happened between them”. She also wrote about her relationship status that she’s in relationship with someone since 2018 & she would never do anything to hurt or jeopardize her present relationship with him.

Read Full Statement Here :

Screenshots from Instagram profile : @bombiibii/Isabelle

Mixed response from netizens :

The singpaore fan base of Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) is strictly following up with each and every update about the Sylvia Saga and they gave mixed response to Isabelle’s statment. Someone of the comment screenshots from Instagram : @bombiibii attached below.

References : Sylvia’s Full Interview with Xiaxue

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