Ryan Tan Apologises For Making Insensitive Remarks On talents, Says ‘I Was Angry & Frustrated’


Ryan Tan, the co-founder of Night Owl cinematics (NOC) has posted an apology on his personal Instagram account @ryanxgo after screenshots of him texting Sylvia about ‘torturing’ talents have gone viral. The leaked WhatsApp chat screenshots reveal that Ryan was referring to talents “Michelle and Aylna”.

The WhatsApp chat screenshots were originally submitted to the Instagram account Wakeup Singapore anonymously by someone very close to both Ryan tan and Sylvia.

Immediate Apology :

As soon as the chats surfaced on Instagram Ryan Tan posts an apology and accepts that he sent these text messages to his Ex-Wife Sylvia around 4 to 6 years ago. Ryan explained why he sent these messages and he apologized to Michelle & Aylna in that post, he also revealed that there is an ongoing legal dispute between him and Sylvia. While addressing this issue he wrote “I don’t know who else has these messages or their intentions in leaking them. But this appears to have been deliberately carried out to influence the ongoing legal dispute between Sylvia and me” (Ryan).

Here’s a statement from Ryan :

Screenshot from Ryan’s Instagram

Proper Apology :

Netizens appreciated the way Ryan handled this issue, owned up his mistake & quickly apologized for his actions.

Screenshots from Ryan’s Instagram
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