“She dragged me outside, pulled my hair and scratched me” : Woman Attacked By Unknown Woman At Jewel Changi Airport


In a shocking incident that happened in the afternoon on Saturday at Sauce Legend located at Jewel Changi Airport (Aug 27), a unknown woman went into a shop, overturned tables, smashed items, and attacked the manager & the staff.

According to AsiaOne, the shop’s manager, Jenny Lee, “shocked and traumatised”, with injuries sustained to her head and arms.

She told the media that she was alone in the shop and had been attending to some customers when the unknown woman suddenly began her rampage, overturning a table that held products for taste-testing before destroying items in the store.


Speaking to the media Lee told how scared she was when the woman first barged in.

“When I tried to stop her, she started attacking me,” Lee told, adding that she was “crying and screaming” for help, according to AsiaOne report.

Hope She Will Be Arrested Soon :

“She dragged me outside, pulled my hair and scratched me” detailed Lee.

As a result of the attack, Lee shared with AsiaOne that she had trouble sleeping that night and “kept having flashbacks of the attack”.

“I’m still shocked that this can happen in Singapore and in broad daylight at a busy mall,” she added.

“I don’t dare to go out and am still shaking,” said Lee, who expressed gratitude to those who comforted her she was “crying non-stop”. Both Lee and Sauce Legend’s co-owner Ken Koh expressed worry that the woman may come back again.

“Hope that she will be arrested soon”.

Photos of the aftermath showed the shop in disarray, with a table overturned and smashed bottles of sauces on the floor.

Staff Tried To Chase The Woman

According to an interview with 8World, the attacker visited the shop atleast two times.

Speaking to the media Lee said : “I remember her because when I spoke to her, I realised what she said didn’t make sense. I didn’t understand what she was saying. When I saw her, she would come into the shop and say a few words before leaving.”

This was the first time, however, that the woman showed signs of aggression. Although the woman eventually got away, Sauce Legend’s co-owner Ken Koh, 38, told AsiaOne that staff at Jewel tried to give chase but the woman managed to escape to Terminal 3.

“I don’t know if it was malicious or if she has a mental issue,” shared Koh, who was not in the shop at the time.

Precious Award Shattered In Attack :

An award which was given out by the National Heritage Board to Koh’s mum, the second-generation owner of Nanyang Sauce, in recognition of her contribution to Singapore’s culture has been shattered in the attack.

“The award was very precious and meaningful to my mum,” Koh told the media.

“My mum is more concerned with whether the staff are hurt as people are more important to her. So while she is sad, she didn’t show it,” shared Koh.


Koh estimated the total damages as a result of the intrusion to be “in the thousands”.

A police report has since been made. In response to media queries, the police told that they received a call for assistance at 80 Airport Boulevard on Aug 27 at about 2.20pm and investigations are ongoing.

On their official Facebook page Sauce Legend wrote that they “hope the attacker is identified soon & gets medical treatment” for what she did.

Here’s what they wrote :

Dear Customers, we will be closed for the rest of today due to an unfortunate incident caused by an unidentified deranged woman who came in and created a rampage in our shop, smashing our sauces, our memorabilia and hurting our staff.

Police investigation is ongoing and we hope this attacker is identified soon and perhaps gets the medical treatment needed.

We are traumatized but will be picking up the pieces and cleaning up the shop. Thank you to the members of public that assisted in calling the police and attempting to stop her.

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Sorry for any inconvenience caused if u had made the trip to come by today.

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