[Shocking] : A Man Was Seen Slapping & Kicking Woman At East Coast Park


In a video shared by our reader, the man was seen assaulting. Two other people were also present at the scene, the incident happened at east coast park near carpark F3.

The reader explained what all happened before and after the police arrival, shared two video clips with us where the man wearing green T shirt was seen attacking two people.

In video the man in green shirt suddenly started slapping & kicking the lady in pink attire while she tried running away from him and when another man came forward to talk him he got punched by the man and he fell.


The Singapore Forever reader shared a video of assault happening at the car park and said, “The orange shirt lady was shouting things like ‘Be a good wife to your husband’, so me and my friends thought it was an affair related quarrel”. Then all of a sudden, the green shirt guy hit the lady 2-3 times in the 3s video. After about 1-2 mins, the 16s video situation occurred.


Police Arrived : Before we rendered assistance to the injured man, police arrived and everyone pointed at the assailant to stop, he ran for a bit and the police caught him for questioning. After calling 995, police came over to question those involved and watched part of my friend’s video .

Orange shirt lady – She said that she’s a real estate agent, looking to rent ‘her’ (I believe she said that) apartment to the one in pink dress and green shirt (assailant). She thinks they are husband and wife (or gf/bf). She does not know the injured man.

She said that the pink dress lady was ‘poisonous’ don’t know for what reason. Upon 995’s arrival, another Malay guy came over to talk to us. He said that he was the one who called the police because the green shirt guy was already hitting the pink dress lady (before we even started filming).

After all questioning, the injured man and pink dress lady were sent to the hospital. The police said thanks to the orange shirt lady and the green shirt man (assailant). Then the 2 flagged down a taxi along the expressway.

The reader added “I was a little shaken cause it was the first time I had a stranger’s blood on my hands”. If they’d like to file an assault case, I hope these 2 videos can help them.

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