Shocking Footage Shows Intense Fight on Train at Orchard MRT Station


Two individuals were arrested after a violent brawl erupted on a train while it was stopping at Orchard MRT station on Thursday night, leaving passengers shocked and concerned. Videos capturing the altercation quickly spread on social media platforms, showcasing a man in a dark blue shirt relentlessly attacking another man wearing a light blue shirt.

In the circulated footage, the aggressor can be seen delivering punches and kicks to the victim, who struggles to defend himself. At one point, the assailant resorts to a headlock using his legs while the victim retaliates by grabbing the former’s neck. Chaos ensues as slippers and a bag are scattered across the carriage floor, while two brave passengers attempt to intervene and separate the fighters.

Upon receiving reports of the incident at approximately 10:45 PM, the police swiftly responded to the dispute at Orchard MRT station. Two men, aged 33 and 35, were subsequently apprehended on charges of affray.

The authorities have assured the public that thorough investigations are currently underway to determine the full extent of the incident

.Lam Sheau Kai, President of SMRT Trains, commended the prompt action taken by station staff upon being alerted to the fight around 10:50 PM.

In line with established protocols, TransCom, the specialized unit responsible for overseeing and managing security within Singapore’s public land transport networks, was activated to effectively handle the situation. Mr. Lam emphasized the organization’s commitment to assisting the police throughout their investigations.”

The safety and well-being of our commuters are of paramount importance. We will continue to collaborate fully with the police to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the incident,” said Mr. Lam, highlighting the dedication of transport operators in upholding passenger safety.

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