Shocking : Husband Who Killed Wife in Hotel Along East Coast Road Self-Reports at Police Station


A man has been arrested for the alleged murder of his wife, whose lifeless body was found in a hotel along East Coast Road.

According to CNA, the hotel in question is Holiday Inn Express Katong, located next to the i12 Katong shopping mall. Authorities were alerted to the scene following a tip-off around 6.30 pm.

Upon their arrival at the hotel room, officers discovered the woman in a lifeless state, bearing a slash wound.

Eyewitnesses from nearby eateries reported that the police presence had been steadily increasing since 5 pm. While some police vehicles had departed, another ambulance was noted in the vicinity.

According to police reports, the 30-year-old man voluntarily presented himself at the Marine Parade Neighbourhood Police Centre at approximately 5.05 pm, confessing to the heinous act.

Upon arrival at the hotel room, authorities discovered the lifeless body of the 32-year-old woman with a slash wound.

Paramedics on the scene pronounced her deceased.

A knife believed to be the weapon used in the incident was recovered within the hotel room. The suspect was subsequently apprehended at the Marine Parade Neighbourhood Police Centre.

The accused will face charges of murder, a crime punishable by the death penalty, when he appears in court on Monday.

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