Shocking : Kurt Tay Charged For Distributing Sexual Content On Telegram


The former Singapore Idol contestant, Kurt Tay, aged 41, has found himself at the center of a legal battle.

Tay stands accused of sharing a video of a woman performing a sex act to a Telegram chat group on Oct 27.

The incident, which occurred on October 27, has led to Tay facing charges for causing humiliation, alarm, and distress to the victim, whose identity remains protected by a court-ordered gag order, according to CNA.

Tay, accompanied by his father, appeared in court on Thursday (Nov 16), where concerned members of the public & his followers were filled the gallery.

During the hearing, the police prosecutor requested a four-week adjournment, citing the need for more time to fulfill the directions provided by the Attorney-General’s Chambers.

Tay, through an interpreter, expressed his intention to apply to the Public Defender’s Office (PDO).

The judge granted a week for the PDO application to be submitted, while stressing the importance of having Tay’s bailor present at the next hearing in case additional charges are tendered, potentially including violations of the Protection from Harassment Act.

Scheduled to return to court on December 11.

Kurt tay refers to himself as “Superstar Celebrity Kurt Tay” and regularly updates his followers about his life on various social media platforms.

If found guilty of distributing intimate material without consent, Tay could face a maximum sentence of up to five years in jail, hefty fines, caning, or a combination of these punishments.

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