Shocking : Man Smashes Domestic Helper’s Head Against Wall, Punches Her After She Finds Out About His Affairs


A 49-year-old Domestic helper was allegedly attacked by her employer after saw “intimate pictures” of her employer and another woman.

The incident came to light after the 49-year-old domestic helper’s friend told Stomp about the assault. According to the helper’s friend, he (employer) threatened to fire her if she revealed to his wife about their relationship.

The employer’s wife was out of the country; she rarely visits Singapore.

The employer allegedly then slammed the maid against the wall while holding her by the back of her head, according to the her friend. Also, he allegedly punched her legs and arm. The assault happened at the employer’s home on February 1st and the images of her assault were also shared with stomp.

According to the helper’s friend, on February 2 the employer deceived the domestic helper into leaving for the Philippines by claiming that he needed her to receive medical care but didn’t want her to do it here because he would get into difficulty and her work permit would be cancelled.

“Out of fear, the helper agreed to his suggestion. He promised her that he will bring her back to Singapore after the CT scan, Stomp reported.

Once the maid’s injury was examined, they returned to the Philippines, where the boss claimed he would meet her the next day to catch a flight back to Singapore. But he failed to show up, and the maid was left alone.

“She just wants justice to be done.”

“Not knowing what to do, the helper bought a ticket back to Singapore only to find out that her work permit had been cancelled. She was denied entry to Singapore by the ICA (Immigration and Checkpoints Authority), despite her showing her injury to ICA and explaining that she wanted to report the case of abuse in Singapore”, Stomp reported.

The helper’s belongings are still in the employer’s house, and she has not received her two months’ salary yet. Since the incident, the aide has been dealing with headaches and giddiness. She is currently feeling lost in the Philippines and is the only breadwinner for her daughter and parents, both of whom are in their 80s.

According to mothership, the friend of domestic helper named Lim claimed to have filed a police report at the Clementi Police Station on February 6.

Lim said, “She just wants justice to be done,” after filing a police report.

The friend who is referred her is a delivery man who got to know domestic helper after making a delivery to the house. According to Lim the incident happened in Jurong West on Feb. 1.

Also, he informed the Philippines embassy in Singapore and filed a report with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

On February 17, he updated Mothership that Domestic helper now had an entry permission so she may return to Singapore and help with the inquiry. The police also acknowledged receiving a report and stated that they are investigating the case.

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Images via stomp

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