[Shocking] : Mother Stabs 11-Year-Old Son in Thigh for Using Her Phone Without Permission


In a deeply troubling incident reported by Channel News Asia, a woman has been sentenced to two months’ imprisonment on May 17 for a distressing act. According to the report she stabbed her own 11-year-old son in the thigh. The incident unfolded when the boy, without permission, entered his mother’s room to use her phone, resulting in a shocking escalation of events.

The 41-year-old mother pleaded guilty to one count of voluntarily causing hurt with a dangerous weapon on a minor.


According to court proceedings, which shed light on the events of November 6, 2021, the young boy disregarded his mother’s explicit instructions and ventured into her room with her spare phone in hand. Despite her repeated warnings, he persisted in playing with the device. Frustrated and angered by her son’s disobedience, the woman retrieved a 21cm-long knife from the kitchen before returning to her room.

Upon finding her son lying on the bed, concealed beneath a blanket, she forcibly removed the cover and, in a sudden moment of distress, brought the knife down in a stabbing motion.

Tragically, the knife pierced through the fabric, causing an unintended injury to the boy’s thigh. In agony and with blood flowing profusely, he cried out in pain and promptly sought refuge in his own room. Locked inside, he bravely contacted the authorities, recounting the horrifying act committed by his own mother. Paramedics swiftly arrived at the scene, providing essential medical care to the injured child. Following hospitalization for several weeks due to an open wound, he was eventually discharged.

Acknowledging her wrongdoing, the woman pleaded guilty to the charge of voluntarily causing hurt with a dangerous weapon on a minor. During the trial, the prosecutor highlighted a prior conviction in 1999 for a similar offense, resulting in probation for the woman. Moreover, it came to light that she struggles with major depressive disorder, a condition that influenced her actions but did not impair her understanding of right and wrong.

Presenting a defense for his client, the woman’s lawyer, John Koh, emphasized her early admission of guilt and her cooperative stance with the authorities throughout the legal process. He informed the court that she continues to receive ongoing treatment for her mental health condition and has actively pursued rehabilitation, striving to prevent any future occurrences. Koh expressed his client’s profound desire to mend the fractured mother-child relationship, noting that the boy has already found it in his heart to forgive his mother for her deeply regrettable conduct.

After considering all the circumstances and submissions made, the court handed down a two-month jail sentence to the woman. However, recognizing her professional commitments, the commencement of her sentence was deferred until June 14, allowing her to fulfill her notice period at work.

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