SHOCKING : Teen in SG prepared a weapon out of a bamboo pole and a kitchen knife, threatened to carry out an attack at his school


A shocking incident has come to light in Singapore where a 14-year-old student prepared dangerous weapon using a “kitchen knife and bamboo pole”.

The 14-year-old teenager reportedly threatened to carry out a stabbing in the school, according to Straits Times.

On January 26th, court documents revealed that the boy had displayed a photo of the weapon he had created by attaching a knife to a bamboo pole as his WhatsApp profile picture. This caused alarm among his classmates and form teacher, who promptly informed his mother.

The teen who is now 15-year-old, who has since admitted guilt to the charge of intentionally causing alarm through making a threatening communication, was given a sentence of six months in a juvenile rehabilitation center.


Due to the boy’s tendency to become violent unexpectedly, his mother feared for her own safety and that of her bedridden husband and thus, reported the incident to the police the following day. When the police arrived at the scene, the boy was discovered to be locked in his room and was uncooperative, refusing to open the door. However, after the door was unlocked, he was found holding the improvised weapon.

He was arrested without putting up a struggle, according to ST.

The boy was diagnosed with “social communication disorder and adjustment disorder”, but was found to be of sound mind.


According to court records, the boy held extreme views on terrorism and radicalization and expressed intentions to harm himself and his classmates. He was also in possession of sharp objects such as a knife and a sewing kit at school. In one incident, when he was reminded to turn in his homework, he threw his phone out of the classroom window and also he threw a canned drink and swung a metal flask at his mother.

The judge concluded that probation was not an appropriate solution as the boy lacked adequate family support and supervision, with his father being paralyzed from an accident and bedridden, while his mother was afraid of him and unable to control him.


The judge also noted that the boy’s mother had given in to his demands and provided the kitchen knife used for the weapon and had delayed reporting the incident to the police.

While the prosecution argued for a 24-month sentence in a juvenile rehabilitation center, the judge deemed this excessive in light of the offense.

The boy, who filed an appeal, declined to participate in therapy and deemed the requirement for counseling or therapy as unjustified.

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