Singapore Police Warn Against Public Assemblies on Israel-Hamas Conflict


In response to growing calls for public demonstrations against Israel’s conduct in its conflict with Hamas, Singapore Police have highlighted public safety and security concerns associated with such assemblies and processions.

The Police have emphasized the need to maintain peace and harmony within the nation, urging citizens to refrain from engaging in activities that could potentially lead to public disorder or stir tensions between different communities.

Citing instances of violence related to the conflict in various countries, the authorities expressed concerns about the potential impact of similar demonstrations in Singapore. Recent cases, such as the stabbing of an Israeli embassy staff member in Beijing and an alleged hate crime where a Palestinian-American child was attacked in Chicago, underscore the escalating tensions surrounding the conflict.

The Singapore Police stressed the importance of not allowing external events to disrupt the prevailing peace and harmony between different races and religions within the country. Due to the sensitivity and volatility of the situation in Gaza, there exists a genuine risk that public assemblies and processions could lead to public disorder and tensions between different communities in Singapore.

“Given the heightened tensions as a result of the Israel-Hamas conflict, the Police have assessed that there are public safety and security concerns associated with public assemblies and processions related to the conflict” the police said in press release statement on (Feb 13).

Organizing or participating in a public assembly or procession without a permit is considered illegal and an offense under the Public Order Act 2009, the Police reminded.

The authorities also made it clear that they would not grant permits for any public assembly or procession advocating the political causes of other countries or foreign entities, or those that carry the risk of inciting public disorder.

“The Police will not grant any permits for public assembly or procession that advocates the political causes of other countries or foreign entities or has the risk of leading to public disorder”, the press release added.

Holding firm in their stance, the Police emphasized that existing measures regulating public protests have been effective in maintaining public order and preserving a peaceful and stable society.

“We hope that Singaporeans will understand this, and respect this policy and our laws” the police said.   

In addition to the warning against public protests, the Police also highlighted the illegality of affixing posters, placards, or any other documents, including stickers, on any properties without permission, indicting an offense under the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act 1906.


Furthermore, the authorities reported that they are conducting investigations into two separate incidents related to the conflict that occurred on February 2, 2024.

  • One incident involved a group of approximately 70 individuals marching towards the Istana, carrying umbrellas imprinted with watermelon images, a symbol associated with Palestinian resistance and solidarity. Due to the security sensitivity of the area, the march without a permit was deemed an offense under Section 15(1) of the Public Order Act 2009. Several Police reports were filed by the public against this march.
  • Another incident involved an online video showing an individual livestreaming and chanting slogans associated with calls for the destruction of the State of Israel. This could potentially be considered an offense under Section 298A(a) of the Penal Code 1871, with the use of such phrases leading to racial tensions in Singapore.

The Police have urged the public to refrain from supporting or condoning violence through their actions or remarks.

The Singapore Police have urged members of the public to engage in responsible and respectful discussions regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict, both online and offline. They stressed the importance of avoiding insensitive or offensive remarks that advocate political causes of other countries or foreign entities, and of refraining from participating in illegal assemblies and marches. The authorities called for the public to demonstrate understanding and respect for the policy and laws in place, aiming to preserve Singapore’s precious racial and religious harmony.

The Police would like to urge members of the public to engage in responsible and respectful discussions on this topic, online or otherwise, and avoid making insensitive or offensive remarks that advocate the political causes of other countries or foreign entities, and instigating or participating in illegal assemblies and marches. We understand the strong sentiments some Singaporeans have on the conflict, but nevertheless, we should not be engaging in discourse, chanting slogans, or carrying out physical protests and demonstrations that could hurt another ethnic or religious community’s feelings, or which are racially offensive in nature, or which could lead to public disorder and societal tensions. If we do not conduct ourselves in a responsible manner over this conflict, it can very easily destroy the precious racial and religious harmony we have in Singapore.

– Singapore Police Force

The Police’s investigations into both incidents are currently ongoing.

The SPF added : “The Police take a very serious view of such acts and will take firm action against any person who makes remarks or acts in a manner which could potentially cause ill-will and hostility between different groups in Singapore, or lead to public disorder”.

Images via wakeupsingapore/Instagram

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