Singapore Raises Age Limit for Elective Egg Freezing to 37 Years From 35


Singapore has taken a progressive step in reproductive healthcare by raising the age limit for Elective Egg Freezing (EEF) from 35 to 37 years.

According to the news release by Ministry of Health (MOH), this significant development, driven by an extensive evaluation of local and international evidence, aims to offer women greater autonomy over their fertility and family planning decisions.

Previously limited to medical reasons, EEF now recognizes the individual circumstances that may lead women to choose to preserve their fertility. The 2022 White Paper on Singapore Women’s Development highlighted the importance of providing options for women who desire to marry and conceive but may face challenges in finding a partner at a younger age.

The Ministry of Health (MOH), in collaboration with medical experts, conducted a thorough review of the latest research, which demonstrated that success rates for egg freezing and subsequent usage remain stable for women up to the age of 37.

Beyond this age, the chances of success decline significantly. In light of these findings, the MOH has decided to extend the upper age limit for EEF by two years, aligning it with the age limit for egg donors.

The revised age limit will be implemented alongside the introduction of the Assisted Reproduction Regulations, ensuring that women intending to undergo EEF and egg donors have expanded opportunities until the age of 37. It is important to note that the utilization of frozen eggs for procreation will be restricted to legally married couples, reflecting the government’s commitment to promoting stable family units.

While Singapore continues to encourage early marriage and parenthood to maximize natural conception and reduce age-related risks, the government recognizes that personal circumstances can impact an individual’s journey towards starting a family. Elective egg freezing serves as a viable option for women who wish to preserve their fertility, empowering them to pursue parenthood if they marry later in life.

Ms Sun Xueling, Minister of State for Social and Family Development and Home Affairs, highlighted the government’s commitment to supporting individuals in their pursuit of family aspirations. She reiterated, “Elective Egg Freezing provides women with the choice to preserve their fertility, enabling them to fulfill their life aspirations and fostering more opportunities for couples to embark on the journey of parenthood.”

Singapore’s decision to expand the age limit for elective egg freezing demonstrates its dedication to providing women with enhanced reproductive choices. By continuously monitoring local and international evidence, the government ensures that policies remain aligned with the evolving needs and desires of its citizens, fostering a supportive environment for individual autonomy and family planning possibilities.

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