Singaporean Flight Attendant Arrested in Japan for Alleged Shoplifting Goods Worth $90


A Singaporean flight attendant, identified as Bai Peixuan, has been arrested in Japan on November 6 for allegedly shoplifting goods worth just over 10,000 yen (S$90) and biting a man in a shopping mall.

The incident took place in Narita, Chiba prefecture, and local authorities are currently investigating the case.

According to the local police station, Bai, 33, is suspected of stealing items worth 10,538 yen from a shop at around 11 am on November 6. When a 51-year-old Japanese man attempted to prevent her from leaving the store, Bai allegedly bit his left arm, causing a minor injury.

Bai, who is believed to be employed by Singapore Airlines (SIA), claimed to the police that she did not steal the items but intended to pay for them later.

“I did not steal the items, but I intended to pay for them later,” she told police according to the report.

The six items found in her possession reportedly included bath towels and tote bags, according to reports.

When questioned about the reason for biting the man’s arm, Bai allegedly told investigators that he was holding her neck, and she bit him in an attempt to make him release his grip.

Under Japanese law, individuals suspected of a crime can be detained by local authorities for up to 23 days. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

When asked by ST, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated on Sunday that it is providing consular assistance to the Singaporean involved, in accordance with the laws of Japan.

Image via FNN Japan

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