Singaporean Hacker Arrested In Bangkok For Hacking Social Media Accounts

A 32-year-old Singaporean who fled to Thailand after allegedly hacking personal accounts on social media platforms in his country had been arrested in Bangkok by a team of police.

According to the report from Bangkok Post, he was arrested at a condo in Huai Khwang district, Bangkok on Thursday (Jan 12).

Officers discovered a sachet of crystal methamphetamine, two sachets of ketamine, and one sachet of a substance called Erimin 5 in the room. His girlfriend, a 28-year-old Thai woman named Ananyalak Chuenjai, was also detained.

Mr Zhen was wanted under a warrant issued by the Sa Kaeo Provincial Court on Dec 19, 2022 for using a fake passport, Pol Col Phadol Chandorn, superintendent of the Technology Crime Suppression Division sub-division of the Technology Crime Suppression Division sub-division 5, said on Thursday. Additionally, three bank books were taken.

On Oct 26, immigration police had arrested the Singaporean for using a fake passport to enter the country. However, he had been temporarily released on bail and escaped, said Pol Col Phadol, according to Bangkok Post.

When the police started hunting for him, they discovered he was in Bangkok. They located him in the room, where they both detained him and the Thai woman.

According to the arrest warrant, the arrest team initially filed charges against the suspect. He and the woman were turned over to Sutthisan police on charges of having illegal substances.

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