Most Singaporean Men Skip Proper Handwashing After Using Toilets : Survey


A recent survey by The New Paper (TNP) has revealed some troubling habits among men in Singapore when it comes to handwashing after using the restroom.

The survey, conducted at 10 shopping malls across the island and involving 85 men, found that:

  • Nearly 20% of men simply walked out of the restroom without washing their hands at all.
  • Over half opted for a quick rinse with just water, seemingly unaware of the importance of soap in removing germs.
  • Only a meager 23.5% practiced proper handwashing with soap and water.

According to the survey, the situation was particularly concerning at Sun Plaza, Junction 8, and AMK Hub, where not a single man was observed using soap. Ion Orchard fared slightly better, with nearly half the men washing their hands properly.


The survey also highlighted some interesting encounters. When confronted about not using soap, one man vehemently denied it, despite being observed only wetting his hands.

Another simply walked away when questioned about the risks. Perhaps most alarming was a Hai Di Lao staff member who emerged from a restroom stall, checked his hair, and left without washing his hands at all.

According to the report, The Health Promotion Board (HPB) acknowledged the lack of specific data on handwashing habits in Singapore and did not comment on whether the survey’s numbers were a cause for concern. Their current hand hygiene campaigns target the general population, not men specifically.

While the survey shines a spotlight on potentially problematic habits among men, it’s important to acknowledge the limitations of the sample size (85 men across 10 locations).

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