Mosque Worker In SG Took Drugs for ‘More Energy’ to Earn More Income, Jailed


Mohammad Asyrafuddin Jupri, a facilities maintenance worker at a mosque, has been sentenced to one year in jail for drug possession and consumption. The 31-year-old was caught with drug utensils and cannabis mixtures at the mosque where he worked and was found to have taken methamphetamine to boost his energy levels for work.

Asyrafuddin, who also worked as a part-time confined-area rescuer, was arrested by Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) officers near the mosque in October 2022, according to Channel News Asia.

During the court proceedings, it was revealed that Mohammad Asyrafuddin Jupri, who held a position at the Yushof Ishak Mosque located at 10 Woodlands Drive, also worked as a part-time freelance confined-area rescuer. The arrest took place in close proximity to the mosque on October 28, 2022.

A thorough search of the mosque’s fifth level, where Asyrafuddin resided, was conducted, leading to the discovery of various items in his resting area within the ablution room, his assigned cubicle, and his personal metal locker.

During a search conducted on the mosque premises, various items were discovered in Asyrafuddin’s personal spaces, including vegetable matter wrapped in foil, packets of crystalline substances, glass and metal drug utensils, and a metal can containing vegetable matter. Analysis by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) revealed that two of the items contained cannabis mixtures.

Asyrafuddin admitted to possessing the items, acknowledging that they contained “ganja,” a street name for the Class A controlled drug.

Subsequent urine tests confirmed his consumption of methamphetamine, with Asyrafuddin admitting to smoking about 5g of the drug per month. He claimed to use it to enhance his energy levels for work.

In court, Deputy Public Prosecutor Chong Kee En sought eight months’ jail for the drug possession charge and one year for the drug consumption charge.

Asyrafuddin, with no prior convictions, was represented by defense lawyer Riko Isaac, who concurred with the prosecution’s sentencing recommendations.

According to defense lawyer Riko Isaac, his client consumed the drugs with the intention of working additional hours and boosting his energy levels to increase his personal income.

The judge addressed Asyrafuddin, expressing hope that he had learned from his actions and would stay drug-free upon his release.

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