Singaporean Turns His Audi Car Into Hands Free Self Driving Car In Just $150 [ Watch video]

Yes, it’s true you can turn any car into self driving car in just 150 dollars, sounds interesting right? Find out how.

A Singaporean named Mr Rafeeq Abdul recently took Facebook to share new hack to convert your Audi car or any car into self driving car in just $150, the video has been shared more than 2500 times as of now. Mr Rafeeq posted a 2 minute video of him driving the car hands free & demonstrated the “Amazing technology” to his friend.

While driving Mr Rafeeq was talking to his friend who was sitting at front passenger seat and explaining how the voice control works, how you can sit and relax read news paper, use Facebook while the car is on self driving mode.


Well, he got us in the first half & made us believe about his “Amazing technology” in the first half of his video.

Hope this “Amazing Technology” gets worldwide recognition.

Please Note : This hack works best when your car is towed. Please drive safe & make sure you wear seat belt.

Source : Rafeeq Abdul / Facebook

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