Singaporean Woman Punched By Stranger for No Reason in South Korea


In a shocking incident, a Singaporean undergraduate studying in Korea was assaulted in a random, unprovoked attack while crossing a street in Hwigyeong-dong, Seoul.

The victim, who wishes to be known only by her surname, Ng, hopes to draw attention to the incident and raise awareness about the importance of staying cautious, not only in Seoul but anywhere in the world.

The woman took to Reddit to share about the unfortunate incident that happened while crossing a street near her apartment in Hwigyeong-dong, Seoul.


Ng, who recently completed her undergraduate program, was crossing the street near her apartment when a guy in his early 20s suddenly punched her in the face. She had not noticed him before and did not interact with him in any way prior to the attack. The assault was swift and unexpected, leaving Ng shocked and traumatized.

“I was hit for maybe about 4 or 5 times before another guy behind grabbed onto him and stopped him. I don’t know if this guy was a mere passerby or if he was the assailant’s friend/brother. After the other guy held on to him and separated him from me, I fled the scene in shock and fear and made a report with 112 about 20 minutes after. I know I probably should have called the cops immediately but your brain really just fails to function in such a situation”.

The assailant struck Ng approximately four or five times before another individual intervened and restrained him. Fleeing the scene in fear, Ng promptly reported the incident to the authorities, although she regretted not doing so immediately due to the disorienting nature of the encounter.

“This happened in broad daylight. For no reason”.

Fortunately, Ng escaped with minimal physical injuries, without any bruises or visible wounds. However, the emotional impact of the incident remains.

“I have never seen him before, and he did not say anything to me prior to or during the attack. It happened and ended so fast it almost doesn’t feel real. It’s very unlikely a case of xenophobia as most people I meet here don’t realize I’m non-Korean until I tell them, so he literally had no reason to do this”.

In the aftermath, Ng became hyper-vigilant and wary of similar-aged males on the street, fearing further attacks. To ensure her safety, she sought assistance from an initiative run by the Seoul government that offers volunteers to walk females home.

Following the incident, Ng collaborated with the police, providing them with a statement.

However, she noted the absence of CCTV cameras directly capturing the street where the assault occurred, making it difficult to identify and trace the assailant. Although an elderly man witnessed the entire ordeal, he also fled the scene, making it challenging to gather additional witnesses.

Ng is sharing her experience to alert others to the necessity of constant vigilance in public. Moreover, she imparts crucial advice for individuals encountering such situations:

  1. Scream to attract attention: To gain the attention of passersby and potential witnesses, vocalize distress immediately.
  2. Secure witnesses and their cooperation: If witnesses are present, request their assistance to ensure they stay at the scene until the arrival of the police.
  3. Remember assailant’s appearance: Despite the shock and disorientation, attempt to imprint details of the attacker’s appearance in your memory to aid in potential identification.
  4. Promptly call emergency services: Immediately after escaping the situation and reaching a safe distance from the assailant, contact the police for prompt assistance. This step is crucial, prioritizing timely response and intervention.
  5. Seek medical attention: Even if physical injuries are not apparent, visit a clinic or hospital to undergo a thorough medical examination. Documenting any injury sustained could provide a basis for pressing charges or receiving compensation.

While Speaking to Mothership Ng emphasized the significance of finding a witness to speak with the police and taking note of the assailant’s appearance.

“I understand that it may seem obvious, but when your brain enters a state of shock, it can impair your ability to think clearly and focus on anything other than escaping the situation and separating yourself from the attacker.”

Prior to this incident, Ng had given little consideration to how she would respond in such a situation, which left her unprepared.

She strongly emphasized the immediate importance of contacting law enforcement and seeking medical attention at a clinic or hospital. Keeping a medical record of any injuries sustained could prove valuable in the future.

“Events like these often seem like far-off occurrences that only happen to others portrayed in the media, but they are very real and can happen to anyone. So please, take precautions and while it may seem nearly impossible, try your best to remain calm and rational if something does occur instead of just fleeing, as I did.”

Ng’s account has garnered attention in Korean online communities, and she plans to notify the Singapore Embassy and her university about the incident. She urges others to spread the word, particularly to friends and family visiting Seoul or other destinations, as unprovoked attacks seem to be on the rise.

As Ng aptly concludes her reddit post with ,”Stay safe, people. It’s a crazy world out there.”

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