Six Australian Schoolgirls Arrested For “Shoplifting” In Orchard Road Stores : 3 Received 12-month Conditional Warning


Six Australian schoolgirls aged between 14 & 16 were given 12-month conditional warning after they arrested in Singapore on Sunday (Nov. 13) for allegedly shoplifting in Orchard Road.

According to The Straits Times, three others received a stern warning, adding that they had administered the warnings in consultation with the Attorney-General’s Chambers.

“This took into account, among other factors, their ages and the extent of their individual involvement,” said the police according to the report.

Previously, the police said they were alerted to a case of theft at 333A Orchard Road at 4.04pm on Sunday and arrested six teenagers aged 14 to 16 in relation to the case.


Following investigations by the police, the six girls aged 14 to 16 were found in possession of stolen items. A stern warning is issued in place of prosecution after a criminal investigation is concluded, ST reported.

“But a conditional stern warning allows the authorities to prosecute the accused for the original crime if conditions in the warning are breached within a specified time period, which in this case is 12 months”.

According to Australian media reports, the school’s principal Andrew Neal said the “matters had been resolved” and all the girls had returned home after leaving Singapore last Saturday.

“Everyone is here and they all came in on the same flight… All matters have been resolved and the girls were allowed to proceed to the airport with no further action,” he added.

He added, the school’s appreciation of the Singapore police for their professionalism, saying in a statement that the police have been firm, fair and thorough.

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