Sixteen Weeks Jail For Man Who Used “32GB” Watch With A Video-Recording Function To Record  Flatmate Showering


A 26-year-old man named Sun Yunjie was sentenced to 16 weeks’ jail on Monday (16 Jan), after he pleaded guilty to one count each of voyeurism and possessing child abuse materials.

Another two charges were considered in sentencing, according to CNA.


The 26-year-old Sun who is from china, shared a flat with the victim, a 28-year-old woman & another female roommate.

“Sun purchased a video-recording watch from the online store Shopee in the middle of 2020. The watch included a hidden camera at the 6 o’clock position, and also had a USB port for transferring the data it recorded to a computer”.

Sun confessed to investigators that he had viewed porn and had been curious about porn that had secretly filmed victims, according to CNA report.

His purchase of the watch was motivated by his desire to experiment with spy cameras and/or set up hidden cameras in toilets to discreetly film people.

The 26-year-old chose to test the watch in September 2020. He switched it on before using the victim’s bedroom bathroom. He set the watch where it may catch anyone bathing there, close to a pair of shoes on a shoe rack in the restroom.

On September 25, 2020, the victim came home and used the bathroom to take a shower. The watch captured a video of her taking a shower.

However, she noticed the watch while showering and felt suspicious. She asked her roommate whether she had placed the watch there, but was told that the watch did not belong to her, CNA reported.


According to CNA, Sun then knocked on the victim’s door and requested a pair of scissors from the victim. Sun rejected the victim’s inquiry about a misplaced watch and fled. He grew worried and tried to retrieve the watch by going to the victim’s bedroom three times to ask for the device. He lied that the watch belonged to his friend.

The victim thought something wasn’t right and messaged the police, saying she had discovered a watch marked “32GB” in the bathroom and wasn’t sure if it had a concealed camera.

She further disclosed to the police that the “guy” occupying the room next to her had enquired as to whether she had seen a watch that his friend had misplaced.

The following evening, the police arrived at the residence and detained Sun. Along with other Sun-owned gadgets, they also took the watch.


Nine video files were discovered on the watch after it was examined, two of which featured the victim taking a shower and using the restroom.

Sun’s PC and iPhone both had pornographic movies. 12 of these films included young children as young as 4 in child pornography.

The prosecutor asked for 17 to 23 weeks’ jail for Sun, while defence lawyer Ashwin Ganapathy of IRB Law asked for not more than 15 weeks’ jail. He said his client is sorry for his actions and understands he will have to face the music.

Sun was allowed to begin his jail term on Jan 31.

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