S’pore & Japan Has The World’s Most Powerful Passports : Henley Passport Index


Singapore & Japan has topped the list of world’s most powerful passports 2021 according to Henley Passport index with their passport holders allowed to travel to 192 destinations Visa-Free. Germany & South Korea both at second position. Afghanistan listed at the bottom of the list.

Henley Passport Index ranks the passports of countries based on the analysis of the data provided by International Air Transport Association (IATA), the index includes 199 different passports and 227 different travel destinations. The firm ranks the passports according to the number of destination their holders can visit without prior visa.

  • Here’s a list of top 5 countries with most powerful passports to hold in year 2021.
  1. Singapore & Japan : According to the Henley report S’pore and Japan passport holder can travel to 192 destinations visa-free.
  2. Germany & South Korea : (190 Destinations)
  3. Finland, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg : (189 Destinations)
  4. Austria, Denmark : (188 Destinations)
  5. France, Ireland, Netherland, Portugal, Sweden : (187 Destinations).
  • List of countries with least powerful passports :
  1. Afghanistan : (26 Destinations)
  2. Iraq : (28 Destinations)
  3. Syria : (29 destinations)
  4. Pakistan : (31 Destinations)
  5. Yemen : (33 Destinations).

Malaysia : We know you must be searching our neighbor country Malaysia in the list, Malaysia is at the 13th position with a score of 179 destinations. Which means Malaysian passport holder can travel to 179 destinations Visa-Free.

H&P (Henley and Partners) is a London Based Global citizenship and residence advisory firm which is monitoring world’s most travel friendly passports since 2006.

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