Student who threatened to “End” Staff’s life has been disciplined says St Andrew’s Secondary School after video goes viral

A student from St. Andrew’s Secondary School who was seen in a viral video arguing with a staff member at the school has been disciplined, the school told in media response.

“We take a serious view on disrespectful behaviour towards staff and the student has been disciplined,” the school said in a statement on Wednesday according to Straits Times on (Aug 24).

“We have also engaged the student’s parents, and will work closely with them to counsel and guide him”, the school added.

In a 56-second online video a student was seen confronting a staff in classroom.

The video begins with the teacher telling the student off for “scolding” him and using the “four-letter word”.

The student pulled down his mask and replied: “What are you going to do about it?”

Both of them repeated themselves before the teacher shouted at the student: “Don’t scold me the four-letter word”.

The student pointed at the teacher and told him to “get a bloody life first” and he walked away.

Laughter could be heard in the background, with at least one person saying “fight, fight”.

The next clip showed the student pointing at the staff member, with his hand on the staff’s forearm.

The video then cuts to the boy pushing up against the teacher, while stating, “You swear you pushed me right?”

The staff member then shouted at the student not to touch him.

The student then told him to watch his mouth and said: “I will end your life right now, man.”

When the staff member told the student again not to touch him, the student said “You shut your mouth b***h”.

In response to queries from STOMP, St Andrew’s Secondary School disclosed that the student has been disciplined.

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