Tan Kin Lian Says He applied for ‘Certificate of Eligibility’ Three Weeks Back : Ahead of Upcoming Elections


Former presidential candidate Tan Kin Lian has declared his intention to participate in the upcoming 2023 presidential elections, according to his recent Facebook post.

In a recent Facebook post, he revealed that he had already submitted his application for the “Certificate of Eligibility” three weeks ago, setting him apart from other potential contenders who are yet to enter the race.

Singapore’s next Presidential Election must be called by Sep 13, 2023 with Mdm Halimah’s six-year term expiring on that day.

Presidential candidates Ng Kok Song and George Goh have already obtained their forms for the upcoming elections, while former Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam is yet to collect his forms.

  • On Thursday, June 8, Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam declared his candidacy for the upcoming presidential election.
  • On Monday, June 12, Singapore businessman George Goh revealed his intention to contest the upcoming Presidential Election.
  • On Wednesday, July 19, Ng Kok Song, the former GIC investment chief, announced his candidacy for the presidential election at the Elections Department (ELD).

In his Facebook post, Tan Kin Lian stated that he applied for the application form online, and his principal election agent submitted the completed form as his proxy.

Tan Kin, a Singaporean businessman born 9 March 1948, was the chief executive officer of NTUC Income from 1997 to 2007 before running for president in 2011.

A former member of the governing People’s Action Party (PAP) for 30 years, he left the party in 2008 due to his inactivity, and disagreement with the party’s value system. He also served as the party’s branch secretary at Marine Parade for three years and was picked by Goh Chok Tong in 1977, to test a pilot scheme for setting up block committees, now known as Residents’ Committees (RC).

For the first ten years, Tan was active in Marine Parade constituency but became inactive for the next 20 years, after moving to Upper Thomson and later Yio Chu Kang.

Source : Tan Kin Lian/Facebook

In a message to the public on Facebook, Tan Kin Lian pledges to collaborate with the government and focus on reducing the cost of living if elected as president. He expresses his loyalty to those who support him during his potential presidency.

Source : Tan Kin Lian/Facebook

Tan Kin Lian acknowledges that his chances of winning the presidential election against the popular and formidable opponent, Tharman, are estimated to be around 10%. He recognizes the challenge ahead but remains committed to presenting his vision and ideas to the voters.

Source : Tan Kin Lian/Facebook

Candidates intending to participate in the elections must undergo a crucial step by applying for a Certificate of Eligibility to the Presidential Elections Committee (PEC).

For candidates to be granted the Certificate of Eligibility, the PEC meticulously assesses two main factors. Firstly, they evaluate whether the applicant possesses integrity, good character, and a positive reputation. Secondly, the candidate’s qualifications are scrutinized to ascertain whether they meet the required public sector or private sector service requirements.

Overseeing this significant process is the PEC, which is headed by Lee Tzu Yang, the Chairman of the Public Service Commission.

To initiate the application process, individuals aspiring to run for office can conveniently utilize the digital services for candidates available on the Elections Department (ELD) website. By accessing these online tools, candidates can prepare the application form digitally. Subsequently, they must print out the completed form and assemble all necessary supporting documents. These physical copies of the application and supporting materials must be submitted to the ELD within the specified deadline.

By following these procedures, potential candidates can take essential steps towards obtaining the Certificate of Eligibility, enabling them to officially stand as candidates in the upcoming elections.

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