Teacher Who Asked A 14-year-old Male Student To Use “Sex Toys” Together, Charged In Court


A 63-year-old teacher was charged with trying to procure an indecent act with a young person by asking a teenage boy to use sex toys together.

According to Channel News Asia, the 63-year-old man was given one count under the Children and Young Persons Act of attempting to procure the commission of an indecent act with a young person.

The accused asked the victim to use sex toys together via messaging app WhatsApp

In court records, both his identity and the victim’s name were redacted, and the judge issued a gag order for anything that would identify the victim.


On November 28 of last year, at around 10.50 p.m. the teacher allegedly approached the adolescent pupil.

“He was charged from his place of remand. The police prosecutor asked for him to be remanded at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), but the judge rejected this application”, according to CNA.

The 63-year-old teacher said that because his mother was very old, he was afraid “something untoward will happen to her” if she stayed with the domestic helper alone.

He was given a S$20,000 bail offer and instructed not to speak to the victim, any other pupils in the victim’s age group, or any other young persons.

“Do you have any other young students? I advise you to stop communicating with students of this age”, Terence Tay, district judge said.

In order to determine whether the accused has an underlying medical problem, Judge Tay further instructed him to independently see IMH or a private psychiatrist.

The teacher said he would delete his social media accounts as well as the connections of all the young children he knew.

Next month, he will appear in court again.

If found guilty of trying to arrange for the performance of an indecent act with a minor, he faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison, a fine of S$10,000, or both.

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