Teenager Admits Filming Sec School Girls In Toilet Using Pinhole Camera, Fixed It On Top Of Toilet Door


A 17 year-old boy pleaded guilty to two counts of voyeurism and one count of distributing voyeuristic content.

As per reports from Today ,the boy remains out on S$5,000 bail and is set to return to court on Dec 15 for sentencing.

What Happened & When :

Last year on 19 August, around 1.15pm 17 year-old boy entered into female toilet and used double-sided tape to stick the pen with pinhole camera fixed inside.

The boy fixed it on top of the toilet door. The camera was directed towards the toilet bowl of female toilet with an intention to record female classmates in their private acts. He took out the pen the next day.

Later that day, a female student entered the cubicle to use toilet. The pen recorded her in the act as she was about to to leave the spot, she noticed the pen and removed it to hand it over to Vice principal. When the victim closely observed the pen, SD card was attached to it. She removed to hand handed over it to the Vice principal of school.

Later the discipline master lodged a police report on 21 August, Yahoo reported.

The names of the the boy, the victims and the school also cannot be revealed due to a court order protecting the victims’ identities under the Children and Young Persons Act.

Took Upskirt Videos In MRT :

In 2019, the boy had filmed few upskirt videos of strangers at MRT stations on escalator with his phone and he sent an upskirt video & two screenshots from his videos to one of his classmate, the boy admitted.

Today reported, the 17 Year-old boy’s lawyer called for a report to assess whether he is suitable for 7 probation in court.  DPP Ng did not object, noting the importance of rehabilitation given his young age. Ms Koo of law firm Populus Law Corporation said that the boy has been attending counselling at a care centre and has a close relationship with his family. District Judge Kessler Soh called for a probation suitability report.

The boy remains out on S$5,000 bail and is set to return to court on Dec 15 for sentencing.

For voyeurism, he could be jailed up to two years, fined, caned or punished with any combination of the three.

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