Teenager Arrested In Sexual Assault Case, Confession Video Goes Viral


A teenager (18) has been arrested in his alleged involvement in sexual assault case after receiving multiple police reports on November 22.

According to Police press release the assault happened at a residential units along Towner Road on 21 September.

The police said they received multiple reports about the case on 22 November, after a video of teenager confessing to sexually assaulting girl was uploaded on Instagram and other social media platforms. The police arrested the teenager day after video went viral on social media.

The 18 Year-old was arrested on 23 November and he will be (was) charged in court on 25 November with an offence of Sexual Act involving Penetration under section 367(2) (a) punishable under Section 376(3) of the Penal code. Teen will be remanded for further investigation.

Investigations are ongoing to determine if there are other victims involved and the police also said “Victims of sexual assault are encouraged to come forward to report a crime”.

Who Exposed Him..??

As seen on social media the Instagram account @trendsomemore (now deactivated) started to expose him at first. Looks like the account was created by victim’s friend especially to expose the teen who sexually assaulted the girl.

The Instagram account posted all the proofs, they started with few screenshots of the conversation and a video where the teen was seen dragging the victim down the stairs where the girl was not in a conscious state.

As soon as the video went viral he confessed all his wrong doings on Instagram live conducted on the same Instagram account, teen explained what all happened and what he did on that day. Teen also said he will turn himself to police during Instagram live.

A day after the confession video police said he was arrested after multiple reports.

Click here to watch his confession video.

Note : The Police take all reports of sexual assault seriously and will spare no effort to ensure that perpetrators are dealt with severely and in accordance with the law. Victims of sexual assault are encouraged to come forward to report a crime. The Police adopt a victim-centric approach to sexual crime investigations and victims will be handled sensitively during the investigation process.

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