Ten Individuals Awarded With “Public Spiritedness Award” For Defending Woman In Beach Road Attack


Ten members of the public were commended for their public spiritedness in preventing a 46-year-old man from causing further harm to a 41-year-old woman.

A 46-year-old man who tried to kill his ex-wife in Beach Road with a chopper was arrested and charged on Saturday (April 16) with attempt to murder.

All those men who tried to defend the woman in such dangerous situation by throwing what ever they found around the premises were praised by netizens all over the country for their courageous act.

In a press release, SPF said that they held a ceremony at Central Police Division on 18 April 2022, 10 members of the public were commended for their public spiritedness in preventing a 46-year-old man from causing further harm to a 41-year-old woman.

On 14 April 2022 at about 5:30pm, the Police responded to a case of assault with a chopper at 75 Beach Road.

Upon arrival, officers found the woman with slash wounds at scene. Several members of the public had intervened to help the woman by shouting and throwing objects at the man and distracting him, in their attempts to mitigate further harm caused against the woman.

When police officers arrived, a few members of the public directed the Police to the whereabouts of the man.

Police officers located the man and deployed the Taser to subdue him.

Both the 41-year-old woman and the 46-year-old man were conveyed conscious to the hospital. The man was charged in court on 16 April 2022 with attempted murder.

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Mr Leonard Shi and Mr Jackie Tee heard the call for help at the back alley of Liang Seah Street.

They attempted to disorientate the man by shouting at him and throwing anything they could find, to prevent the man from causing more harm to the woman.

At another nearby restaurant, five other men, Mr Lim Chee Kong, Mr Lei Hai Qiu, Mr Wei Chen Xiang, Mr Lim Chee Wei and Mr Lin Yong Ping, heard the call for help as well and started to pick up plastic chairs, bins, and signposts, and threw the items at the man to distract him.

Another two men Mr Pan Xiao Shuo and Mr Zhang Dai, who were servicing an air-conditioning unit, grabbed a ladder from their lorry parked nearby, with the intention to chase the man away and to defend themselves against the man, while the man was along Liang Seah Street.

Madam To Lee Kwee, a waitress at a steamboat restaurant nearby, ran to seek help from staff of a nearby hotel, who then alerted the Police to the incident.

Mr Jackie Tee, who was a manager of a nearby barbeque restaurant, took a plastic storage box and threw it at the man to distract him and prevent him from inflicting more harm to the helpless woman, while the man was allegedly attacking the woman along Liang Seah Street.

“We are pleased to present the Public Spiritedness Awards to the 10 selfless individuals for rendering their assistance to a woman of an armed assault. Their actions, which included shouting and throwing objects at the man to distract and disorientate him, helped to mitigate further harm caused towards the woman.

Even though they were fully aware that the man was armed, their extraordinary bravery and quick-thinking in stepping forward, deserves our recognition and commendation.”

– Assistant Commissioner of Police Jeremy Ang Boon Sheng, Commander of Central Police Division

In a new update on the victim’s condition, a staff from Chong Qing Steamboat spoke to 8world News, said he spoke to the victim over the phone.

Mr Chen said the woman is no longer in critical condition on Apr. 16. During the assault, man repeatedly hacked at multiple parts of woman’s body, her neck, her legs, and almost completely severed her right hand as seen in the video.

Mr Chen said woman will be required to undergo surgery. He added that her family members in China have been informed.

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