Tin Pei Ling’s Role Changed From Public Affairs To Corporate Development At Grab, Grab Issues statement

Member of Parliament Tin Pei Ling had joined Grab as its director of public affairs and policy. The MP for MacPherson, Ms. Tin, began working for Grab in January, Grab said on Wednesday 1 Feb 2023.

Following her presence that day at a Chinese New Year lunch organised by Grab for around 750 private-hire drivers at Singapore Expo, her joining was made public.

Just over a week after Ms. Tin’s hiring was made public, her role has been changed. Her first selection as director of public affairs and policy drew criticism and raised concerns about a potential conflict of interest given her position in the government.

Following public outcry for conflicts of interest, MP Tin Pei Ling will alter her position inside Grab. Her role has been changed to corporate development from public affairs and policy work.

Statement After Public Backclash :

As soon as her role in Grab was questioned she released a statement.

Here’s what she said in her statement released on Friday (Feb 10).

“A short while ago Grab issued a statement providing an update on my role at the company. I’ve appended it below for your reference”.

“I informed the PAP of my possible employment and nature of the role at Grab in mid 2022, and then formally informed the PAP in September 2022 about my appointment. They did not object”.

“Following the recent public attention, Grab and I discussed and agreed that it would be best for me to move into a role that did not involve any government relations in Singapore”.

“I understand and have long come to accept the public scrutiny that comes with being an MP. But I would never want it to hinder my ability to serve my constituents well as MP, or to do my job at Grab effectively. And this would be the case if my intentions and actions in the future are always called into doubt, whether justified or not”.

“Hence, I would like to share that I’m moving into a new role as Director (Corporate Development) to do corporate development work. It’s a role that is aligned to my career interest and will also tap on my past experiences in consulting and corporate strategy. My reason for joining Grab holds firm, to support its social mission of creating economic empowerment for everyone, and I look forward to playing my part”.

“Serving MacPherson over the past 12 years has been extremely meaningful, and being the voice of my residents, finding ways to improve their lives, and serving Singapore will always, always be my top priority”.

“To ensure that I can always contribute constructively in Parliament, I also need to challenge myself to grow, and keep pace with developments. Hence I saw the opportunity to return to the private sector as a way to broaden my horizons and to hone new skills. I looked forward to my role at Grab as an opportunity to grow and contribute to society”.

“To my friends, residents and fellow Grabbers who have been so supportive, a great big thank you! As always, I will focus on doing what I need to do, focus on serving to my best ability, and with integrity and sincerity”.

Grab’s Statement :

PAP’s ( People’s Action Party) Statement :

Employment of Ms Tin Pei Ling by Grab SingaporeIn September 2022, Ms Tin Pei Ling informed the Party that she would be taking up the post of Public Affairs and Policy at Grab Singapore (“Grab”), and the nature of the job. The Party noted this and did not object.

Earlier this month, following public comments about Ms Tin’s appointment, we discussed the matter with her again to understand better the scope of her duties. It then became clear to the Party that she would be expected to engage regularly with Government ministries and agencies on public policy issues on behalf of Grab.

While she would make it clear that she was engaging in her private capacity and not as a PAP MP, there could still be challenges in carrying out these responsibilities, especially under the current circumstances.Ms Tin has since discussed the matter with Grab and informed the Party that her role in Grab has been changed to Director (Corporate Development).

In this role, her primary duties will not involve Government relations in Singapore.

The PAP holds itself and its Members of Parliament to high standards of propriety and integrity. Most PAP backbench MPs have private careers.

This keeps them in touch with our economy and society and enables able and committed people from many professions and walks of life to serve as MPs, raising the quality of MPs in Parliament.

However, it is essential that MPs rigorously separate their public role as MPs from their professional and commercial interests in their private careers.

Under the “Rules of Prudence” issued to every PAP MP, MPs are expected to conduct themselves in their duties and responsibilities with utmost propriety, to uphold the reputation of the Party and the integrity of the Singapore system.

In no circumstances are they to abuse their status as MPs, or their access to ministers, civil servants, and government agencies, for private or commercial gain.

While performing their MP duties, they are expected to declare potential conflicts of interest, and recuse themselves as appropriate from decisions, discussions and positions where there is a risk of such a conflict arising.

The Party wishes Ms Tin Pei Ling success in her new role in Grab, and is confident that she will continue serving residents of MacPherson as their MP effectively.

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