Toddlers Allegedly Abused at Preschool ; Two Women Charged


In a recent case involving alleged abuse at an undisclosed preschool, two women are facing serious charges related to ill-treatment of two young children.

A 28-year-old woman is at the center of the accusations, having been charged with six counts of ill-treating children under the Children and Young Persons Act on August 3rd. The charges pertain to incidents that reportedly occurred on June 22nd and June 27th, 2022, according to CNA.

To ensure the protection of the victims, the identities of the accused parties and the preschool remain confidential.

During the June 22nd incident, the woman is alleged to have trapped a two-year-old boy under a table at the preschool for approximately 15 minutes. She then confined him in a dark storeroom for a period of six to seven minutes. Shockingly, charge sheets claim that she threw foam blocks into the storeroom from above while the child was still trapped inside.

On the same day, the accused woman allegedly assaulted a girl, aged one year and eight months, by poking her face, slapping her, and repeatedly pushing her to the ground. Disturbingly, foam blocks were reportedly used to hit the child’s face, and tissue paper was forcefully rubbed onto her face.

The woman’s alleged abuse continued during a second incident on June 27th, where she reportedly caused a two-year-old boy to fall from a chair, and subsequently pushed him into a table. The same morning, she allegedly trapped the girl under a table laden with objects, and then proceeded to shove the table into the child multiple times while she was pinned underneath.

Reports suggest that over a span of approximately 30 minutes, the woman used a plastic divider to strike the girl’s face numerous times while she remained trapped. Following this ordeal, the woman allegedly turned her attention back to the boy, subjecting him to forceful pinching and slapping.

The accused woman’s lawyer informed the court that she is currently five months pregnant. The second woman, also aged 28, is facing a single charge of failing to protect the girl from ill-treatment, specifically in relation to the incident involving the plastic divider.

As the legal proceedings unfold, both accused parties are awaiting their respective hearings. Under the Children and Young Persons Act, each charge of ill-treatment carries a potential sentence of up to eight years in jail, a fine of up to S$8,000, or a combination of both penalties.

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