Tragic PIE Accident Claims Life of 21-Year-Old Passenger, Teen Driver Arrested


An 18-year-old van driver has been arrested for careless driving without due care in connection with a fatal accident on the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE). The driver is also under investigation for allegedly driving without a valid license, according to police.

The incident occurred on December 31 on the PIE heading towards Tuas, just after the Toh Guan Road exit, at around 7.35am. The collision involved a van and a truck.

After the accident, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) reported that two individuals were trapped inside the overturned van and had to be freed using hydraulic rescue equipment.

Tragically, a 21-year-old male passenger inside the van was pronounced dead at the scene by an SCDF paramedic.


The deceased’s girlfriend, Heather Ng, took to social media in an attempt to find answers and understand the events leading up to the incident. Ng recently shared screenshots of her last conversation with Ong on her Instagram story, providing a glimpse into their final exchange. On the morning of December 31, Ong messaged Ng at 7:16am, informing her that he was on his way home. However, Ng became concerned when she noticed that Ong’s location had stuck along the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) from 7:47am onwards, through an app on her phone.

Alarmed by the situation, Ng began calling the police at 8am and messaged Ong, asking why he was stuck. After an agonizing 20 minutes of silence, she attempted to locate him herself.


The police eventually contacted Ng at 10am to inform her about the accident and Ong’s untimely death.

In her quest for clarity, Ng shared her frustration with the lack of evidence. She claimed that nobody was willing to provide their footage of the incident, possibly to avoid getting involved, Mothership reported. Ng has been dedicating recent posts on her social media accounts to pay tribute to her late partner.

In a heartfelt message addressed to Ong, dated January 3, she expressed regret over not knowing that their last goodbye and kiss that morning would be their final one. Ng also shared that they had first met exactly one year prior to Ong’s passing, on December 31, 2022.

She wrote on her instagram :

if i knew that THAT morning i sent you off at my door would be the last goodbye and kiss.., i wouldve not let you out of my house..😭 im so so so so sorry this had to happen to you michael, you really didn’t deserve this. you are such a precious gem and loved by many.

ever since you entered my life, you’ve been nothing but amazing and have showered me with plenty of love, all 5 love languages. you are always so so patient with me and for loving me for who i am. it IS really difficult to find gems like you and i am so glad you came into my life. thank you for always spoiling me by treating me like princess… and for always wanting to become a better version of yourself just for me. you have never ever failed me and have been going your way out by making mini sacrifices just to see me smile😭. ALWAYS complimenting me 24/7, rushing down after bookout just to see me and definitely for travelling down atw to the east every weekend. you always make sure to communicate w me despite uncomfortable situations and have been so so genuine throughout this relationship. you never fail to show me off everywhere, and have been taking such great care of me. my family, friends all know how much you dote on me and support me in every decision i make. not forgetting that 31st december 2022 was the first time i met you & it really is so devestating for you to leave us so suddenly..😭 it hurts me and i really wish you are still here right next to me to give u a big tight hug.

i love you with my whole heart darling. initially i had this draft as a surprise for you for new years but i hope that now you can see this video from above,🕊️❤️ i’ll see you soon again love, life is unpredictable and short, please go and tell your loved ones you love them and appreciate every moment you have.

The tragic incident serves as a reminder of the importance of road safety and the need for further investigation to prevent similar accidents in the future.

The 18-year-old van driver, who was conscious at the time, was transported to the National University Hospital for further medical attention. A photo circulating on social media shows the aftermath of the accident, with the orange van flipped over on the two rightmost lanes of the expressway. Traffic cones have been placed around the van and the surrounding debris.


The driver has been apprehended for careless driving, indicating a lack of due care on the road, leading to the fatal accident. In addition, authorities are currently investigating allegations that the driver was operating the van without a valid license.

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