Unauthorized Entry to Taylor Swift Concert at Singapore Sports Hub, Two Men Charged In Court


Three men have been arrested by the Police for their alleged involvement in a case of cheating, while four other individuals are being investigated for criminal trespass at the Singapore Sports Hub.

Yang Chenguang, 29, and Li Xiao Wei, 45, both from China, were each charged with abetting three individuals to cheat the event organizer, Kallang Alive Sport Management, according to report.

The incident occurred during the third show of Taylor Swift’s sold-out Eras Tour in Singapore on Monday (March 4). Court documents revealed that the two men allegedly facilitated the unauthorized entry of Shangguan Linmo, Hu Zhijun, and Yang Junhao, who did not possess valid tickets to the event.

Yang reportedly distracted security staff members at the entrance of the sports hub, while Li held onto a turnstile to allow the trio to pass through without tickets, the report added.

In a press release, the police said that three men aged between 29 and 45 were arrested for their suspected involvement in the case of cheating. Two other men and two women aged between 21 and 25 are also under investigation for criminal trespass.

“Preliminary investigations revealed that the three men were allegedly involved in facilitating the unauthorised entry for the group of four individuals who was not in possession of legitimate concert tickets” the police said in press release.

“Investigations against other persons are ongoing”, the police added.

The police received a report on Monday evening that several individuals had entered the concert without permission. Investigations revealed that the two men charged had allegedly facilitated the unauthorized entry of the group.

Kallang Alive Sport Management and the Singapore Police Force released a joint statement emphasizing the increased security presence at the Singapore Sports Hub during event days. The organiser thanked patrons for their vigilance, which helped in identifying the alleged trespassers.

The spokesperson said that the management “works closely with hirers and relevant government agencies to ensure the safety and security of patrons at events that take place at the Singapore Sports Hub”.

“KASM and the police will continue to work closely to ensure the safety and security of the public at events at the Singapore Sports Hub,” the spokesperson added in response to media queries.

Yang Chenguang and Li Xiao Wei will appear in court on March 13 and have been remanded further to assist with investigations. The offence of Cheating carries an imprisonment of up to three years, a fine, or both. The offence of Criminal Trespass carries an imprisonment term of up to three months, or fine of up to $1,500, or both.

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