Unknown Resident From Hougang HDB Throws Egg At Family While They Were Playing With Sparklers


Most of the Singaporeans are celebrating the festival of lights Deepawali with their families all over the country by lighting small oil lamps called diyas, playing with sparklers, exchange gifts and sweets etc.

Like everyone, this resident from Hougang HDB was also celebrating Deepawali with his family but his family was allegedly attacked by an egg by some unknown from upstairs.

A user @sham_ugh shared this upsetting story on twitter yesterday, the tweet has been retweeted more than 2000 times at the time of writing. According to the tweet user @sham_ugh & his siblings were playing with sparklers & suddenly someone threw egg at them from top, the image shows mess created by egg below the HDB.

@sham_ugh tweeted “My Siblings, my niece and I were just playing with sparklers for Deepawali and someone from top threw an egg at us???? wtf is this”. According to Mothership the incident happened at around 8pm, (4 Nov) At Hougang HDB. The User told mothership “To be honest, we are used to the discrimination that we face, with the stares that others give us while walking past us as we’re having fun. We’re not surprised it happened, just really upset.”

Tweet & The Mess :


As per the user @sham_ugh’s update on twitter he did not make any police report because he don’t know who did this exactly. He wrote “its quite difficult because we don’t know which floor it was from plus I am not sure if the popo (police) are willingly gonna pursue the complaint/case.

Uncalled For :


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