Use Your Gun & Shoot Me : “He Shouts At Police Officers, As If It’s Their Fault” Says Minister Shanmugam


The video where a man was seen shouting at police officers while he was queuing for the watches from the new Omega x Swatch collection is trending on social media.

Series Of Events :

Long queues were seen at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) and ION Orchard on Saturday (Mar 26) morning as the Omega x Swatch new collection launched in Singapore.

Hundreds of people were queuing up thinking they would get a chance to buy their favourite watch. Many social media users & people present in queue thought the long queues formed because the watch released was “limited edition” but they were disappointed later, read more to find out why.

One angry young man at Ion Orchard who seemed very frustrated and unhappy over being cut out of the queue, he was filmed shouting at police officers.

Here’s what he said,

Man In Black : “From 4am together lah. You cut us out like that. Then you shout at us. We cooperate with the bloody brand manager. Ask us to move back, we move back. That’s why we are behind. And then you cut us behind. Then you all doing what?”

“Use your gun and shoot me lor!”

Bystanders : “Woah woah woah woah woah, [indistinct] this one S$300 only leh.”


A day after the video went viral Singapore Law and Home Affairs Minister responded saying,

This video shows an ugly incident – which unfortunately, happens now and then. A man queuing up for a watch (by Swatch/Omega), gets so angry about whether the queue is working- he shouts at police officers, as if it’s their fault.

We have to have a sense of perspective- there is a war going on, people are suffering in many places. We don’t need to lose our minds over these situations.

It’s not life and death.

Yes, it can be frustrating that time is wasted and he can’t immediately get what he wanted, but that is not going to be solved by shouting at the Police.

OUT OF STOCK : Not Limited Edition

On the day of launch Swatch said the Bioceramic MoonSwatch Collection has exceeded all expectations and thanked fans for their interest. “We would therefore like to remind that there will be more opportunities to purchase the watches in the selected Swatch Stores in the coming weeks as it is not a limited edition”, the watch company added.

Frustrated Fans : Great launch, Very bad logistics/planning.

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