Video of 13-Year-Old Assaulting FoodPanda Rider Goes Viral, Both Arrested


In a shocking incident that occurred on April 23, 2023, a video capturing a 13-year-old boy assaulting a 45-year-old male FoodPanda rider in broad daylight has gone viral.

The distressing incident took place outside Le Quest Shopping Mall in Bukit Batok and has since sparked widespread concern.

Filmed by a witness from inside a nearby shop, the 16-second video shows the young assailant wearing a black jacket and long black pants, while the victim is seen wearing a blue t-shirt with motifs and dark-colored bermudas.

The altercation began at approximately 6:24 pm when the boy shouted, “Lai!” and charged towards the man, throwing punches. The FoodPanda rider attempted to defend himself while retreating to his bicycle, but he suffered multiple blows to the head.

In a display of aggression, the boy then delivered three forceful kicks to the man’s back, causing him to stagger and almost fall over with the bicycle. The video concludes with the boy retreating towards the mall as the man gathers himself and looks on.

According to information received from a reader of Shin Min Daily News, the altercation reportedly started when the man asked the boy, “See what?”.

Passersby intervened to stop the fight, and the police were alerted to the incident.

Soon after, law enforcement officers and ambulances arrived at the scene. Both the 13-year-old boy and the 45-year-old man were transported to the hospital for medical evaluation. Subsequently, they were arrested for affray, a charge pertaining to public fighting.

Investigation into the case are ongoing.

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