Video Of Bentley Driver Trying To Run His Car Over Security Guard Viral, Driver Arrested


The security union employees have filed a police report against the Bentley driver who was trying to run his car towards security at Red Swastika School located in Bedok North.

Series Of Events :

The video of Bentley car driver running his car towards security guard was circulated on social media on Jan 11. The video shows a woman arguing with school staff and the driver attempting to run his car towards the guard.

Watch :

What Happened After Video Went Viral :

As soon as the video of the incident was circulated widely over all social media platforms, netizens started questioning the reason. From the online reports the reason behind the fight between car driver and security guard was “invalid car plate”. This fight created unncessary traffic near school for 15 minutes and staff tried to stop the Bentley but gave up to enter the car inside to avoid further traffic jam.

Minster Responded :

Sometime after the video went viral Minister Chan Chun Sing responded to the incident and said “We are looking into the case, and will not hesitate to make a police report if warranted”.

It has come to my attention that there is a video circulating on social media, showing a driver trying to enter a school and even using his car to engage in dangerous manoeuvres against a security officer and a school staff.

This is unacceptable behaviour. This is not the way we should behave towards our security and school personnel who are performing their duties to keep our schools and our children safe.

We are looking into the case, and will not hesitate to make a police report if warranted.

As adults we should set a positive example for our children in how we treat others with respect, and abide by the rules that are in place for the collective security of our school community.

Police Report Made :

The Union Of Security Employees, condemned the driver’s act and gave an update on security guard’s health in ther Facebook post. In an update USE confirmed that the driver has been arrested.

The Union wrote on Facebook,


USE strongly condemns the deplorable conduct of the motorist. Our security officer, Brother Neo Ah Whatt, suffered slight injuries and has gotten medical attention.

The union is very disturbed by this case of physical abuse. It is particularly egregious given that the offender had deliberately driven against the flow of traffic, into the officer, just to get his way into the school. The anger from the community and on social media is fully justified because of how the driver had endangered Brother Ah Whatt’s life, children on their way to school and others.

We urge everyone to respect our security officers for the important job they do. Do not abuse our officers. We have filed a police report and will offer our full assistance to the Police.

We have visited Brother Ah Whatt with some relief vouchers and nourishment. He is well and recovering at home. Thanks to everyone who have expressed concern.

Should officers or the general public face or notice such abuses, report it on our USE Mobile App and we will assist you.

[Updated 11 Jan 2022, 6.15pm]

USE understands that the driver of the vehicle in the incident at Red Swastika School has been arrested.

USE thanked everyone who has expressed support to the security guard and appreciated the Police’s speedy actions.

Driver Arrested :

In response to media queries, the police said they were alerted to the incident at about 11:40am on Jan. 11. The driver, who is 61, was arrested for rash act causing hurt.


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