CCTV Footage Of Two Men Fighting In A Store Viral : Police Investigating


The video of fight between two middle aged men that happened in a store has gone viral on social media platforms and police said that they are investigating the incident.

According to the media reports, the police said that the incident happened on Feb 22 at around 1pm. Two men aged 34 & 27 have been arrested for affray, both of them were conscious when taken to the hospital.

The CCTV footage that went viral on social media shows a man throwing punches at another man until he fell on ground and stopped moving from the ground for 2 minutes.

The fight believed to have happened at 371 Beach road Citi Gate, the reason behind the fight is still unknown.

In video, the assailant was seen picking fight against the victim, from the video it looks like they were talking at the beginning of the fight and in few seconds the assailant throws a stool at other guy (victim as per the video) while he was heard saying something like “I never do anything” just before the stool was thrown at him.

As soon as the stool was thrown, another man and a woman enters into the scene and the man tries to stop the fight but both men continue to fight and the assailant continues to hit the other man in the face and he falls on to the ground.

The fight continues and assailant punches the victim on his face and leaves victim motionless for more than a minute, later the victim wakes up with a bloody mouth.

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