Video of High-Speed E-Bike Racing Goes Viral, LTA Takes Action


The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is currently looking into cases of individuals engaging in high-speed racing on power-assisted bicycles, or e-bikes, as seen on social media.

In response to media inquiries, LTA mentioned that they have increased their enforcement efforts in light of these incidents.

A video circulating on the SG Road Vigilante Facebook page shows several individuals racing on their motorised bicycles on an empty road, allegedly reaching speeds of up to 140km/h along Changi Coast Road.

In one clip, a rider can be seen assuming a Superman position on the device – lying face down with legs extended and pointed towards the back.

The video also includes footage of riders speeding along a park connector at Bay East Garden at Marina Bay, with onlookers capturing the race on camera.

LTA stated that it considers individuals who put others at risk with irresponsible behavior very seriously. All users of active mobility devices must follow regulations to prioritize safety, such as riding responsibly on designated paths or roads, obeying speed limits, and ensuring their devices meet all requirements.

“These include riding their devices in a safe manner and on the proper path or road, staying within the speed limit and ensuring their devices comply with our requirements.”

Both e-bikes and e-scooters are required to be registered with LTA and can only be operated by individuals aged at least 16 years old without supervision. E-scooters are classified as personal mobility devices, which encompass other forms of transportation such as skateboards, kick scooters, motorised skateboards, and hoverboards. Additionally, riders are mandated to pass online theory tests prior to using e-bikes or e-scooters.

E-bikes must adhere to technical criteria such as a weight restriction of 20kg, a maximum continuous power output of 250 watts, a top assisted speed of 25kmh, and compliance with the EN15194 standard. E-scooters must also meet the UL2272 fire safety standard.

Pictures via SGRV/FACEBOOK

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