Video Of Woman Verbally Abusing Healthcare Worker Goes Viral, Netizens Demand Action


Before we tell you more about the viral video of verbal abuse, please remember that health care workers are being asked to sacrifice their time with family, their own mental, physical and emotional health from past two years. It is very dis-heartening to see how they are being treated even after doing so much for us.

A video of a woman verbally abusing a health worker during her TikTok live has gone viral and netizens are angry & disgusted with her behavior, many netizens demanding strict action against her.

The video was originally posted on a Instagram account @singapuraa.viral on 07 Feb, the video has now gained more than 150k views and 1000+ comments on the video.

As we have seen the video it looks like the user @marydelusion was doing Tiktok live on her bed talking to the health worker & it was screen recorded and posted on @singapuraa.viral. However, the Instagram account did not specify about when and where the incident happened.

A 32 second video shows the conversation between the health worker & the woman where health worker asks “what do you mean, we never take care of you”, the woman replies “c**b** you never give me the drip, the medicine also you never give me, then you no visitor-no what, then you want to threaten say fuc*king security coming”.

“You think I scared is it”.

After all this abuse the health worker handled the situation very calmly and said “do not put words in people mouth” the woman again responds with the ‘L’ word”, later the Health worker asks to call security and again the woman threatens to “whack her mother’s face”.



The Instagram account did not specify the reason behind the fight but still doesn’t give her right to verbally abuse the health worker.


As we all know about the stress & pressure health workers have gone through and still going through from past two years because of pandemic. In such times seeing this type of idiotic behavior is truly disgusting.

Many netizens bashed the woman in comments and appreciated the health worker for not loosing her cool even after so much happened in the video.

Here are some of the comments made by Netizens.


Let’s look at the number of cases of healthcare workersbeing harassed/abused in Singapore, according to the MOH:

2018: 1,080

2019: 1,200

2020: 1,300

Changi General Hospital:

2019: About 100

2020: About 200

January to September 2021: Close to 100

Singapore General Hospital:

2017: About 70

2020: About 170

January to October 2021: Close to 180

Ng Teng Fong General Hospital

From 2017 to 2020: About 38 cases per year

January to November 2021: 35

National University Hospital:

January to October 2021: 70 physical abuse cases, 120 verbal abuse cases

Tan Tock Seng Hospital and National Centre for Infectious Diseases:

2019: 218

2020: 158

January to October 2021: 244

The main reasons for healthcare workers getting abused at the hospitals :

– Patients’ refusal to comply with safety protocols – Staff not meeting patients’ unreasonable demands (for example, asking staff to buy carbonated drinks)

– Patients seeking preferential treatment, wanting to be attended to immediately when staff are caring for other patients – Patients’ frustrations while waiting to access healthcare services

– Patients’ unexplained aggression without provocation – Medical reasons such as dementia, delirium or psychiatric conditions

– Stress faced by patients due to family or financial matters Sources: Singapore General Hospital, Changi General Hospital, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital


The Protection from Harassment Act (POHA) protects all individuals, including healthcare workers, from harassment.

Harassment of anyone, at any time, is an offence under POHA and offenders are liable to a fine of up to $5,000, imprisonment for up to six months, or both. Victims may also obtain Protection Orders restraining their perpetrators from further acts of harassment or sue them for damages.

Punishments are higher if the offence is directed at public sector workers in the course of their duties under Section 6 of POHA. Persons who harass or abuse public healthcare workers in the course of their work are liable for enhanced penalties, and may be fined up to $5,000, imprisoned for up to 12 months, or both, according to the MOH.

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