Violent P*rnography : 21-year-old Man Molested Teenage Girl Who Was Sleeping Inside Bus, Pleads Guilty


On Monday (Nov. 14) 23-year-old man named Ang Zi You pleaded guilty to one charge each of molestation, trespass and voyeurism.

According to Channel News Asia, another five charges will be considered in sentencing.


The incident happened back in Mar 8 2021, the 16-year-old victim was taking a bus home at about 4.20pm. She took a seat on the upper deck and fell asleep.

Ang who was 21-year-old at the time of the offence saw the victim while they were both on the same bus, the court was told.

According to the prosecutor, he had access to violent pornography that featured girls being molested on buses.

The prosecution said, “Ang fantasised about molesting girls on a bus and attempted to do this even though he knew it was wrong.”

“Ang switched his seats to sit directly behind the sleeping girl. He then tried to touch her by slotting his hand in between the two seats in front of him, but failed” CNA reported.

He patiently waited before making another attempt to touch the girl by slipping his hand between the window and the seat. He reached out and touched the girl’s body, and retracted his hand before repeating his actions, according to the report.

The girl woke after she felt a touch that moved from her chest to her waist on the left side of her body.

She did not turn back to check as she “felt unsure” and instead slept again, according to the court documents. However, when she felt the same touch again seconds later, the girl immediately turned to her left. She saw Ang retracting his hand and putting his head down to look at his phone.

However the girl immediately turned to her left when she felt the same touch again a few seconds later. She observed Ang pulling back his hand and putting his head down to look at his phone.

After then, the victim walked to the lower deck to tell the driver about the incident. The bus halted, and the driver got out to question Ang about touching the victim from the upper deck.

Ang denied his actions, and the girl moved to sit on the lower deck. A few minutes later, Ang also went down to the lower deck. 

The bus driver told him not to alight, and a police report was made. Ang was arrested that same day. During investigations, a check on Ang’s phone revealed videos showing a woman using the toilet.


While he was an intern in a company from September 2019 to February 2020, he went into a women’s toilet to take illicit videos.

On February 7, 2020, he was at the office when he saw a female coworker heading toward the restroom. Because he knew there were no closed-circuit television cameras close to the restroom, he followed her with the intention of filming her as she used the restroom.

He put his phone in the space between the cubicle wall and the floor to record the victim using the restroom. He did this multiple times, each time recording a video of his own face.

“Sincerely Remorseful”

Defence lawyer S S Dhillon said his client’s mother passed away about 11 years ago, and Ang lives with his grandmother. His father is unemployed.

He said Ang was “sincerely remorseful” and cited a private psychiatric report which said Ang had persistent depressive disorder since primary school.

The lawyer added that Ang has not reoffended since he was placed on antidepressant medication and went for counselling sessions.

The judge called for reports assessing Ang’s suitability for both probation and a community service order, and adjourned sentencing to January.

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