[Viral] : Health Workers In China Killing Pets, While Owners Under Quarantine


Security video footage of health care workers beating pet dog to death in china has now gone viral and it has sparked outrage in china.

As per reports from NPR, Chinese health workers in few cities of china are breaking into people’s house and killing their pets while the pet owners are under Covid-19 quarantine. Many cases of pet killings have came into light in china recently.

Dog owner named Ms Fu saw her pet getting killed by people wearing hazmat suits with a iron rod in her home security camera. This happened when she was in quarantine facility after contact tracers found out that she was a close contact of someone who was tested Covid-19 positive.

Fu wrote “The dog ran away into another room and out of sight, but its whimpers were audible. After few minutes, the workers took out yellow plastic bags and said they were taking the dog away”. The video has now reached millions of users all over the world.


The authorities from shangrao have issued an apology to everyone and said the workers who killed Ms Fu’s dog have been fired from work for “The harmless disposal of pet dog without communicating the pet owner”.

Similarly in the northern city of Harbin, three cats were killed in September while the owner was under quarantine. Health care authorities in cities named Chengdu and Wuxi have killed cats in same manner by entering their houses when owners were under quarantine.

Many netizens have expressed their anger for killing innocent animals in the name of covid transmission control.


Fear Of Animal To Human Transmission :

According to reports from US cdc.gov, chances of pets like cats and dogs getting infected by humans is there but the pet to human transmission possibility is less. Studies suggest the transmission of pets to human does not have any strong evidences.

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