Vogue Singapore Gets Warning & Permit Shortened For Repeatedly Breaching Content Guidelines : Report


According to recent media reports Fashion magazine Vogue Singapore has been issued a “stern warning” and has had its “permit shortened” after it repeatedly breached content guidelines for nudity and content that promoted non-traditional families over two years.

When asked by The Straits Times, a spokesman for the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) said that Vogue Singapore’s current one-year permit has been revoked with effect from Thursday.

“The magazine has reapplied and MCI has since issued Vogue Singapore a six-month permit”.

“MCI has issued Vogue Singapore a stern warning and shortened the permit for Vogue Singapore from one year to six months, as it had breached the content guidelines for local lifestyle magazines on four occasions within the past two years, for nudity and content that promoted non-traditional families,” said the MCI spokesman.

She added that during the period of Vogue Singapore’s breaches, the content guidelines have remained the same, and the magazine is required to comply with these guidelines as part of its permit conditions.

These conditions include not undermining prevailing social norms.


The last time a permit was shortened was when action was taken against local arts magazine Art Republik in 2014, for two severe breaches of content guidelines for religiously insensitive and denigrative content, the MCI spokesman mentioned.

She added that there were two earlier cases – women’s magazine Cleo in 2008 and men’s magazine Singapore FHM in 1998. These magazines had committed repeated breaches pertaining to content on sex, nudity and the promotion of promiscuity and a permissive lifestyle.

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